Conditions of Use

Public Access - Rotherfield United Football Club is a community club and we welcome responsible usage of our sports ground by the community.  In order to provide an outstanding and safe facility for our users we request that the public obverse the following conditions:
  • Please keep dogs under control at all time
  • Please ensure any dog mess is cleared up and placed in the bins provided
  • No camping - unless sanctioned by the club
  • No vehicles on any of the grassed areas / pitches
  • No horse riding
  • Do not interfere or climb on goals, crossbars or equipment
  • The car parks are only to be used by those using Bishopswood for official matches / events.  The car park will be locked after matches / events finish.  Any cars needing to be release from the car park will be charge a release fee of £50.

Hire of Pitches - All clubs / teams using Bishopswood must comply with the following terms:
  • Comply with the terms for Public Access set-out above
  • Bishopswood in a NO SMOKING facility including pitch side & changing rooms  
  • Please keep to the speed limit of 10 mph 
  • Ensure you have booked a pitch in advance of using it
  • Only use the pitch allocated
  • Do not allow children (or adults) to swing or climb on the goalposts or crossbars
  • Ensure that nets are taken down from all pitches after each game
  • Ensure nets are returned to the appropriate bin in the net room
  • Do not leave the nets in the wheelbarrow
  • If there are holes in the pitch - please fill them
  • Ensure that both home and away changing rooms are clean and tidy after games
  • Ensure you clear the rubbish left by the pitch by your side AND the opposition
  • If use do not need a pitch please ensure you notify the club 72 hours in advance.  You will be charged for all booking that are on the booking sheet.
  • RUFC reserve the right to cancel any match in order to preserve the playing surface due to weather / environmental conditions. 
  • The facility must be secured after each usage - including car park, changing rooms and net room.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated.  
  • Please ensure your team is signed-up to the FA RESPECT codes of conduct.
  • Report any problems to -